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  • Date: 18.05.2018
    Rules #: 5-6-5/1045 Port general information

    • Port name: KAKUMÄE SADAM
    • Port code: EE KAK
    • Port assignment: Port services, irrespective of the vessel's size
    • WEB:
    • e-mail:
    • phone: +372 6777 444

    Port operator’s entrepreneurship:

    • Name: Haven Management OÜ
    • Registration code: 14190582

    Port location, territory and basin:

    • Port address: Harju maakond, Nooda tee 8, 13516 Tallinn
    • Point of coastline: Altitude 59°27'04.01''N, Longitude 24°36'25.09''E
    • Space of the basin: 77879.8
    • Space of the territory: 69078.3

    Port technical data:

    • The Port has a total of 289 floating berth spaces.
    • The above water height of berths is 0.6 m and for quay number 1 it is 1.5 m.


    Berth Length (m) Depth at the edge of berth (m),
    Depth at the edge of berth (m), (EH2000) Applying
    A 180,0 2,4 2,2 Small crafts
    B - G 171,0 2,6 2,4 Small crafts, vessels
    B - R 171,0 2,2 2,0 Small crafts, vessels
    C - G 167,4 3,2 3,0 Small crafts, vessels
    C - R 167,4 2,7 2,7 Small crafts, vessels
    D - G 142,5 3,3 3,1 Small crafts, vessels
    D - R 165,0 3,1 2,9 Small crafts, vessels
    E 39,0 3,5 3,3 Small crafts, vessels
    F 60,0 4,0 3,7 Small crafts, vessels
    G - 1 – guest quay 54,0 3,7 3,5
    Small crafts, vessels
    G - 2 - guest quay 39,0 3,4 3,2
    Small crafts, vessels

    Ships overall dimensions:

    • Length overall: 30.0
    • Beam overall: 9.0
    • Maximum draft: 3.8
    • Registered tonnage: up to 500

    Environmental protection requirements, restrictions on dangerous goods:

    • General requirements for environmental protection are based on existing legal acts, the MARPOL Convention and the rules of the port.

    Port open hours:

    • 24 h
    • At the navigational period the port offices open every day from 8:00 to 20:00.

    Navigational period:

    • Navigational period begin at: 1 of May
    • Navigational period end at: 31 of October.

    Local time differs from UTC:

    • Local time differs from UTC: +3 hours at summer (from last Sunday of March till last Sunday of October) and +2 hours at winter.

    General information about port operators:

    • Haven Management OÜ
  • The order of entrance, mooring and exit of ships

    Notification of intent to enter or exit the port:

    • To enter or exit the port, the master of the vessel must inform the port employee about this and obtain consent from it.
    • Ships that have a seasonal contract berth place must register a departure and arrival in the port's log (located in the office).

    Issuance of permits to enter or exit the port:

    The Harbor Master may forbid the ship's exit in cases where:

    • Port fees or services are not paid;
    • competent government agencies require this;
    • the vessel is not suitable for navigation;
    • the vessel is not properly manned in accordance with the requirements;
    • if there are other factors that are dangerous for life and health of people or the environment.

    Registration of entrances and exits and the necessary information:

    Required information:

    • Vessel name or registration number;
    • Time of departure;
    • Name of the captain;
    • Number of people on board;
    • Port of call.

    The entrance registration of and necessary documents in case of quarantine regime, customs and border formalities:

    • When going to third countries before leaving the territorial waters of Estonia, the vessel must perform the necessary border and customs formalities in the nearest border points opened to international traffic.
    • The vessels and their crew members leaving the Haven Kakumäe or arriving in it from third countries (not members of the Schengen agreement) must undergo border control. Border control must be carried out before leaving to third countries or until arriving from a third country in any open to the international movement border crossing point of the member state of Schengen agreement.
    • Border control is carried out on the basis of legislative requirements.
    • The captain of the vessel provides border guards:
      • List of people on board, in 2 copies;
      • in case of Estonian vessel in one copy;
      • identification documents of persons on board;
      • certificate of ownership of the vessel.
    • If the vessel is not used by the owner, then a power of attorney issued by the owner shall be provide, or a rental receipt or other document confirming the right of lease, should be available. Confirmation of the legitimate use of the vessel may be the crew list signed by the owner.
      Tallinn 11th border point, Sadama 25, Tallinn, port Vanasadam; 24 h (on call); +372 619 1260
    • NB! When traveling within the Schengen zone, one must have a valid identification document (passport, ID card).
    • Application of a free zone: No

    Border control:

    • Contact details of state supervision in the port: -
    • Presence of supervision in the port: No
    • Customs control in the port: No
    • Veterinary control in the port: No
    • Phytocontrol in port: No
    • Ship control in the port: No

    Border crossing point:

    • Border crossing point: On call
    • Border control applies to: Small crafts
    • Working hours: -
    • Contact: +372 619 1260

    Registration of customs, border and quarantine documents:

    • -

    Communication with vessels during entry, exit and mooring:

    • By phone: VHF
    • Radio channels: VHF 10
    • Call sign: Haven Kakumäe [h’ʌvən kʌkum’æe]

    Requirements for moored vessels (prohibitions, duties, restrictions ad other conditions):

    • The Harbor Master instructions relating to the vessel’s mooring or their movement within the harbor are mandatory for ship-owners.
    • Movement of Vessels entering and leaving the Port is prohibited in the Port’s waters when wind speeds exceed 18 m/sec or/and with visibility below 100m. The captain of the vessel together with the Harbor Master will make a decision whilst taking into account the Vessel’s technical features.
    • The speed of vessels must not exceed 3 knots when moving within the Port’s basin.
    • It is prohibited to drive jet skis, small rubber boats, seaplanes, rowing boats and sailboards within the Port’s waters, except for when entering and exiting and/or with the permission of the Marina Master.
    • Kite surfing within the Port’s waters is prohibited under all circumstances.
    • Marina Master has the right to restrict the movement of Vessels and/or impose restrictions that limit the movement of Vessels.
    • Refueling only takes place on berth no 6.
    • Mooring ropes must be attached and fenders must be placed in a way that guarantees the safe berthing for own and adjacent vessels in all weather conditions.
    • All vessels in the port must have the necessary marking (name or registration number on board).
    • The vessels captains are responsible for the crew and passengers safe stay on board during the vessels entering, stay and exit the Port. The captain is responsible for the safety property of the ship. The Port is not responsible for the loss or damage to the property on board the vessels or to the vessels themselves.
    • The use of shore power must be coordinated with the duty officer on the port. At the wind speed more than 18 m/s, ship-owners have to turn off shore power.
    • The vessels lifting and lowering must be planned and booked with the Harbor Master.
    • Vessel's captain is responsible for the safe dismemberment and boarding of passengers
    • All keel blocks belonging to vessel should have the necessary marking (name or registration number of vessel).
    • Keel blocks and trailers must be clean and painted.
    • The moored vessel have not the right to work with a screw.
    • In case of any damage of port structure or navigational signs is discovered, one have to immediately inform the port personnel.
    • The water hoses must be removed after tank filling, the tap to be closed.
    • In case of any damage or damage possibility on floating quay or adjacent vessels (ropes or sails untied, fenders in the wrong place etc.) is found, it is necessary to eliminate the source of the problem as soon as possible and immediately inform the port personnel.
    • The yacht's rigging must be secured in such a way that do not create excessive noise, the sails, kept on the boom, must be well secured.

    Prohibited Actions in the Port:

    • Transfer to another mooring place without the permission of the duty officer;
    • Refueling from the jerrycan;
    • Unauthorized connection to the power network;
    • Use of toilet on the Vessel if the Vessel does not have a septic water collection tank;
    • Store oil or petrol canisters or barrels on the berth;
    • Throw rubbish into the water or onto the berth;
    • Place waste elsewhere than into the specified containers;
    • Board the Vessel without the permission of the owner or the captain;
    • Keep unvaccinated animals on board of the Vessel;
    • To disturb the quiet hours between 11pm and 6am;
    • Swim within the Port’s waters.

    • The Port grants the ship-owners for a fixed fee the use of the services of the port, but does not conclude a contract for the storage of vessels and property located on them.
    • Haven Kakumäe is not liable for damage that may occur in the territory and basin of the port due to theft, fire or natural disaster.
    • Vessel’s refueling, reception of bilge and black water takes place on quay 6.
    • There is a designated place in in the port's car park for reception of hazardous waste. Used batteries, waste oil, contaminated materials, edible oil, contaminated packaging are collected.
    • Other household garbage is sorted and placed in the designated containers.
    • Ships are transported under the supervision of ship-owners and under their responsibility. Haven Kakumäe is not liable for any damage caused during transportation or storage of the vessel on the territory of the port.

    Internal and deck work on moored vessels (works producing noise and dust, welding work and work with open fire, outboard work, launching boats and rafts, pumping ballast, tanks washing, repairing engines):

    • The ship-owner is obliged to coordinate with the duty officer the works that produce noise and / or dust.
    • Work using fire on a ship and / or port territory without the permission of the Harbor Master is prohibited. If there is a permit, it is necessary to inform the duty officer about the beginning and end of such work.
    • When carrying out outboard work, it is necessary to inform the duty officer and take measures ensuring the preservation of water purity in the basin.
  • The vessel traffic in the port

    The vessels movement in the port basin (displacement, maneuvering):

    • The vessels moving in the port are regulated by COLREGS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea).
    • With the vessels simultaneous entry and exit to the port the outgoing vessel has the preference, except the case of a vessel in distress.
    • When moving and maneuvering in the port water area, the captain must choose a speed that excludes the appearance of a stern wave, but in any case not more than 3 knots. Movement and maneuvering should be safe for the ship itself and for the ships surrounding it.
    • The permission to displace the vessel can be given only by the Harbor master or the duty officer.

    Requirements to vessels moving under normal and special conditions:

    • Special traffic conditions can be set by the Harbor Master in accordance with the need.


    • Vessels, which have a lease contract, mooring at the place provided in the contract. Vessels that do not have a permanent place (guest vessels) become to the place indicated by the duty officer or the Harbor Master.
    • It is necessary to follow the good marine practice when mooring.
    • One have not endanger other vessels or shore structures during the mooring.
    • When mooring, it is necessary to distribute and fix the fenders in such a way as to ensure the safe stay for own and neighboring vessels in any weather.


    • Towing within the Port basin can only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances and only with the permission of the Harbor Master.

    Vessels traffic in ice conditions:

    • No navigation in the ice condition.

    Special requirements:

    • -
  • Services provided in the port and their organization

    The basic services provided in the port:

    • Service type: Traffic organizing in port basin
    • Service description:

    Service providers and their contact data:

    • Name: Haven Management OÜ
    • Registration code: 14190582
    • Address: Nooda tee 8, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 13516
    • Phone: +3726777444
    • Fax: -
    • E-mail:
    • Web site:
    • Contact person: Martin Tuul
    • Service type: Ability to ships mooring
    • Service description:

    Service providers and their contact data:

    • Name: Haven Management OÜ
    • Registration code: 14190582
    • Address: Nooda tee 8, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 13516
    • Phone: +3726777444
    • Fax: -
    • E-mail:
    • Web site:
    • Contact person: Martin Tuul


    • Ability to stevedore works: No

    Water supply:

    • Drinking water supply: Yes
    • Volume: 1.0 m³

    Waste and cargo residues reception:

    • Waste reception: Yes
    • Cargo residues reception: No
    • Household waste reception: Yes
    • Volume of household waste: 1.0 t
    • Bilge water reception: Yes
    • Bilge water volume: 2.0 m³
    • Black water reception: Yes
    • Black water volume: 2.0 m³
    • Ability to receive other pollutants: Yes

    Cargo handling terminal

    • -

    Fuel and Lubricant Supplies:

    • Fuel Supplies: Yes
    • Fuel Supplies volume: 2.0 t

    Diving works:

    • Ability to diving works: No

    Repairing and painting works:

    • Ability to repairing and painting works: No
    • Repair type:
    • Ability to repairing and painting works producing noise and dust: No
    • Ability to welding works and works with open fire: No
    • Ability to carry outboard work: No
    • Ability to repair main engines: No

    Connection to power, communication and other systems:

    • Connection to communication systems: Yes
    • Connection to power systems: Yes

    Other services provided in the port:

    Service type: Electricity
    Service description: Service stands on berths
    Service type: Fuel
    Service description: In the navigation period around the clock. Refueling automates, gasoline and diesel, operated by Alexela.
    Service type: Waste reception
    Service description: Household waste, paper and danger waste.
    Service type: Other services
    Service: Water supply
    Service description: Video monitoring 24/7
    Service type: Internet
    Service description: Free Wi-Fi
    Service type: Cafe
    Service description:
    Service type: Slip
    Service description: Slip wide 25 m, including 10 m covered with rubber mats for dinghies.
    Service type: Car parking
    Service description:
    Service type: Bicycles for rent
    Service description:
    Service type: Ability to wash clothes
    Service description: Washing and drying machines
    Service type: Shower
    Service description:
    Service type: Drinking water
    Service description: Service stands on quays and berths
    Service type: Catering
    Service description: Street stalls and cafes
    Service type: WC
    Service description: Cafe


    • No railway connection with the port.


    • There are an asphalt road for car traffic and a light traffic road for pedestrians and bicycles.

    Cargo terminal

    • -

    Number of toilets

    • Number of toilets: 8
  • Passenger service organization in port

    Arranging the entrance and exit of passengers to the ship:

    • Arranging the entrance and exit of passengers to the ship: No
    • Tickets sale: No
    • Passenger safety requirements: -
    • Service for passenger: -
  • Medical assistance in the port
    • Availability of a medical center: No
    • Contact data: 112
  • Fire safety requirements and organization of rescue operations
    Fire safety requirements for vessels in port: Rescue and fire fighting equipment at the ships in the port must be in working condition and comply with the current requirements.
    Fire-hazardous work on the ship should be coordinated with the port duty officer.
    The liquidation of a fire on a ship is managed by its captain or his substitute.
    Type of fire extinguishing equipment: Fire extinguisher
    fire extinguishing equipment location: Powder fire extinguisher on wheels (25 kg, type ABC) is located in the port building.
    There are also two 9 kg foam fire extinguisher and an autonomous water pump Honda WB30.
    Reference to the plan of measures for pollution protection:
  • Calling the rescue service and other surveillance services
    • Name of the duty organization: -
    • Registration code: -
    • Contact data: -
    • Description of the duty mode: -
    • Police: 112
    • Rescue service: 112

Order for Calling Special Services

  • Rescue service and police тph: 112
  • Environmental inspection ph: 1313
  • AS Eesti Loots (Pilotage service) Sadama tee 9, Rohuneeme, Viimsi vald 74012 Harjumaa
    fax: (+372) 6053800
    ph: (+372)

    Ordering a pilot (+372) 6053888
    ph: (+372) 5268432
    fax: (+372) 6053881

  • Estonian Board of Border Guard, ReisiSadama Border Station Sadama 25-2, 10111 Tallinn ph: (+372) 6318777
    ph: (+372) 6318777 fax: (+372) 6318778
  • Estonian Tax and Customs Board, VanaSadama Service Center Uus-Sadama 19/13, 10120
    Tallinn (+372) 8800814
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