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Nearby sightseeing

Kakumäe Beach

Located near a quiet, residential area on the landward side of the Kakumäe suburb. The beach is farther away and more secluded than Tallinn's other choices. It takes only a short walk from parking lot to the beach, also it is possible to cycle straight to the beach via the bicycle track. You will find ball game areas, a food kiosk, showers, and bicycle parking over there. People of every age can find activities to engage themselves in - for children there are swings and a climbing tree, adults can improve their surfing skills.

Coastal Park

The coastal park of Kakumäe is 14 ha in total and 4,5 ha of that area is just the beach. There is a network of pedestrian and cycling paths, parking lots, street illumination, sports grounds for playing basketball, beach volley ball and football. Also, two playgrounds for children and a kilometer long “health path” are available.

Rocca al Mare Promenade

This 2.5-kilometre promenade runs through a peaceful forest-like residential area in northern Tallinn. The wood and steel walkway connects two popular suburban beaches – Stroomi and Kakumäe – going past the famous Estonian Open Air Museum.

Rocca al Mare shopping mall

Multiple shops and cafes will provide you with an excellent shopping experience. Several hundred brands are represented in the centre, and many of those brands have their only Estonian representative outlets in Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre. A wide and versatile restaurant area offers a broad range of different cuisines.

Эстонский музей под открытым небом

В Эстонском музее под открытым небом представлена реконструированные деревни 18-20 веков. В лесопарке Вам откроются множество изб, а также исторические ветряные мельницы, деревянная часовня и сельская школа. Персонал музея одет в традиционные костюмы, демонстрирующие, как люди жили и работали в давние времена. Посетители могут приобрести изделия ручной работы и попробовать традиционные блюда, которые подаются в сельской таверне. Музей расположен в тихом приморском районе Рокка-аль-Маре.

Tallinn City Zoo

During its history of a bit more than 70 years the zoo managed to assemble the most fascinating animal collection in Northern Europe and achieved significant success in the reproduction of our nurslings. These achievements owe directly to the good will and skills of the staff. Tallinn Zoo holds the best collection of mountain goats and sheep in the world. We have an outstanding number of eagles and vultures and a remarkable collection of owl and crane species.


1. Can I use English in Tallinn?

English is the most widely known foreign language in Tallinn, although older people are more likely to speak German. In most establishments in the tourist industry it is possible to use English, Finnish, Russian and German.

2. Which currency and bank cards are used in Tallinn/Estonia?

The national currency in Estonia is the Euro. Larger hotels, stores and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express debit and credit cards. However, it is advisable to carry some cash with you.

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